How We Operate

We conduct on-site sales

Transition Services is a full service home organizing and liquidation company. We arrange homes so that persons can continue to live it them, placing furniture for accessability and disposing of unwanted, unnecessary things. We also do whatever is needed to clear a home when it is no longer needed by the householder. This runs the gamut from holding full-house estate liquidation sales to donating  household goods to charities to hauling junk to the dump.

We specialize in conducting on-site sales, taking over a home to display its contents to their maximum advantage. We clean the house and the items so things look most appealing. We organize groups of items, much like a department store, putting books in one department, china in another, etc. Occasionally, we discover extraordinary items that would be better sold through an auction house, such as Sothebys or Weschlers. Otherwise, we maintain the full collection within the home to maximize interest in that collection and its parts.  

We display for easy viewing and accessibility. We clearly price each item or group of items so shoppers know the costs. Our extensive experience in pricing, combined with our ability to research the more unusual things, allow us to assign fair and reasonable values. We require two weeks (depending on the conditions within the home, sometimes more, sometimes less) to bring everything out into the open.We price to sell

We know that we have a limited time to sell the contents of a home. We also know that it is more cost effective to have the buyers carry things away than it is to hire haulers to remove unsold items. We strike a balance so that our prices are good for the buyer and fair to the original owner.

We carefully manage shoppers inside the sale

We have never honored "dealer numbers," a scheme we feel gives an unfair advantage to professional dealers. We give our numbers to those standing in line one hour before the sale starts on opening day, one number per person for entry.

We take all responsibility for the sale

We manage all advertising, pay the staff, and collect and pay the sales taxes.

We accept payment in cash or check only

At this time, we do not accept credit cards.

Transition Services for Moves and Estates, LLC